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1059 RWHP All Boost - New World Record

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RSI 510 ci stroker motor, 16 psi through the Paxton supercharger, air-water intercooler, fuel system... The owner stays low profile and doesn't want his name posted. CONGRATS to RSI, the new record holders for the most powerful all boost viper in the world. They still haven't sprayed the NOS, those numbers to come soon. You will be able to see this car in person in San Antonio at the Viper Shootout on Sunday. I will post the dyno sheet later on tonight after I scan it...
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Damn - those are some huge numbers. /images/graemlins/shocked I have a feeling there are a few Paxton Vipers out there that are going to lay the smack down on the track.
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16 PSI !! WOW ...GIDDY UP /images/graemlins/drive

Awesome #'s :cheers:

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Awesome numbers /images/graemlins/thumb1

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Can't wait to see that thing run!!!
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Damn, now I really hope I can make it on Sunday. The competition is really stepping up.
Holy Crap, that is insane. It must get like 3 mpg, with a fuel pump the size of a fire engine's!

Did anybody compute the parasitic loss of the blower? I bet its more HP than most cars have.
Hey Peter,

I assume the car will be at the dyno with all the others Vipers on Saturday. Can't wait to see it.
Yowza!! Dem's some big numbers......whatcha gonna feed them ponies???
THATS amazing HP
Wow!!! :thumb: Congrats to RSI and the lucky owner!

The real question is if it's remotely drivable on the strip - with 1220 HP at the crank the car has to be unhookable through fourth gear.
With all that power it should run 9.3 @ 158 no NOS on Sunday.

I cant wait to see it!
Hoooooolly sheeat! Way to go RSI. I can't wait to hear about the specs of this car, and even more importantly see how it runs!
LOL, you guys crack me up!!! OK, this is a 6 speed car, NOT an auto. John, you are a clever one aren't ya!!! Shit, with me driving it it would run a [email protected], with John Force, i'm guessing [email protected] :)
Very impressive IMO, it takes the most powerful all boost car title by over 140 rwhp!!! :eek:
Shit thats some big big power. Dammit now I HAVE to send my car back for more power. Horsepower addiction begets horsepower addiction. Its fuckin an endless clusterfuck of spending money.




RSI= :bowdown:
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