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1050 RW TORQUE Photo / Maxed out the Dyno

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Today was a good day for me. First, I took delivery of my Hummer H2. Yeah, posermobile, but I think it is pretty bad ass, and it can tow my car to the race track.

Next, I head to West Coast Viper so they can redyno my Gen I car now that the new computer came in and since they now have their own Dyno. They tuned the car and we were ready to go. The car has a 300 shot of Nitrous, so they hit it and it pulls 783 RWHP and maxes out the Dyno at 1,000 RWTQ, SAE corrected. Wooo hoooooo!

John Horton (Owner of West Coast Viper) and I take it for a spin and it just doesn't hook in the 1st 3 gears on Pilots. Still, I was happy to see how fast this freaking thing is right now. Now I need to find some good rubber that will fit a 19 inch Purner wheel.

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THOR said:
Manny -
January would be good for me, except from January 6-12, as I will be in Las Vegas for the CES Show. Hope that this does not conflict with your trip. (?) :cheers:
Isn't the AVN Awards the same time? :dance:

Edit: Sorry Manny, sweet numbers and vid /images/graemlins/thumb1

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Was that run done in third gear or was I hearing things?

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