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10.43 @134 MPH LVMS Sorry Guys....

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Here is the time slips numbers.
LVMS 2100FT elevation
Temp 80
Relative humidity 59
Absolute barometer 29.34

60' 1.535
330' 4.362
1/8 6.708
MPH 107.92
1000 8.738
1/4 10.431
MPH 133.92

I got a better time today because I changed spark plugs and I had only a quarter of a tank of gas instead of a full tank last night.

I don't want to create too much controversy but according to the NHRA altitude correction factor I ran a corrected 10.431x.9757=10.177. This does not take into account weather conditions just altitude. Take it for what it is worth. I don't have a real 10.177 but............

Fallon, NV 4000 .9510 1.0521 1.0515 .9505
Inyokern, CA 2400 .9718 1.0297 1.0290 .9712
Las Vegas, NV 2100 .9757 1.0255 1.0249 .9751
Palmdale, CA 2700 .9679 1.0339 1.0332 .9672
Salt Lake, UT 4400 .9458 1.0577 1.0573 .9454
Tucson, AZ 3000 .9640 1.0381 1.0373 .9633

Big thanks to Larry Macedo for taking an hour out of his day to talk me through some tuning difficulties I was having. Thanks to my dad and a couple of friends who flew in from Dallas to ride with me down to vegas.

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting trent from the board. He was a super nice guy who did everything he could to help me out. He had access to a wideband out sensor that he help me install and test on my car. The turn out was less than impressive. I never ran a vette. There were about 100 supras there but they were doing their own thing. There was a couple of supras there that ran in the low nines and I think titan one ran a high eight but I didn't see it.

I have a video of the run that I will post monday or tuesday. I also have the time slip that I will post.

I am running 8.5-9 PSI of boost here. Picked up .5 psi of boost by traveling to vegas. I picked up 4 MPH and .4 by coming to LVMS. This is half way to sea level in elevation for me. I know with a good track at sea level I would be faster but I am not going to speculate how much.
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Nice run !! you have a very strong car there !!

Glad to see you had fun and continually best your ET each time you go to the track. No thanks necessary, buddy! Looking forward to seeing you in TX before years end...
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