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56M/28 minutes of footage

The viper guy, Graham (blue/white) is one of our UK club members, /images/graemlins/smiles here's a few links from the UK forum about it all.

Danny (goodlife) is the Noble owner,
a member of of which the UK forum is a part of.

Of course we gave plenty of stick to the Noble owner, through the last couple of months of build up before the show was released last week. They filmed all day at a UK track that has a 2 mile straight, Graham hit 180mph on the speedo and had a camera man in with him, but they didnt use the footage, the Noble managed 160mph think its limited. Then the following week another day in the studio with the panel of 'judges' Its a bit tongue in cheek, not so serious comprassions with lots of incorrect statements

Another trophy for the Viper
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