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01 diablo 6.0 awd beat by 01 gts w/ btr kit

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and it was ttbadboy (sorry bro, i know that thing will be boosted up soon so ive got to be proud of my self ), so for anyone that wants to know a viper on a 150 shot will put 2 cars on a what i think is stock lambo to 100.

crazy part was we did it right in fron tof the car hangout and it wasnt even planned. when everyone in the parking lot at the closed track saw us revving at each other it was like a stampede to get road side and watch...

almost got to see a fellow snake owner run his dodge cummins agains a cocky kid in a banks powerstroke. im sure the dodge had everything btr can get for one. they couldnt catch a light on the closed test track so they didnt run

sorry for all the test course bullshit, i posted on vca first
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Not very impressed you are comparing a stock car with a car that has 150hp nitrous shot on it. You guys should have done the race without the nitrous, that would have been interesting.
dont make me drop some fast and furious shit on your hater ass.

"it doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning"

who care whats done to what, its run what ya brung and its not everday you get the chance to race a lambo in front of 100 car nuts that know you have nitrous, if i wouldnt have sprayed and had lost (that awd car comes out of the hole FAST) no one would belive that i didnt spray it. it wont be long until joe has a blower on each side of the motor in that thing and ill race him then too.

id trade my car for his in a heartbeat, the closest id ever been to a diablo was drooling on one in a car and driver magazine. i hate keyboard racers so i posted this.

btw, with the bottle pressure where it was it was probably lucky to be making 100 extra ponies.
Am not trying to dismiss your win, just curious as to what the results would have been if you raced him off the bottle.

I think you would be very surprised, the two cars are almost identical in the 1/4 mile.
Nice kill, now where the hell is the video /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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Nice avatar. I miss that place.
We want video, we want video, we want video. Nice kill.
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