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  1. Viper Discussions - Gen I & II
    I have 1 rim that appears to have a peeling clear coat (see pic). Assuming it is the factory finish, is it powder clear coat, or a spray (paint) type of clear coat? I'm considering stripping & polishing them, but would like them to match the other rims that are all in good shape. I have the...
  2. Viper Discussions - Gen III & IV SRT
    Polished aluminum viper wheels. 2003 to 2008. Great shape. Front - 18" × 10.5" Rear - 19" × 13". $1199. OBO.
  3. Viper Discussions - Gen V SRT 2013-up
    Came off my 14 GTS, replaced with ACR wheels. 18s front and 19s rear on Pirelli rubber. Located in Norcal, let me know if interested
1-3 of 3 Results