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  1. Viper Discussions - Gen I & II
    So I have no spark on cylinders 5 and 10. The other 8 seem to run just fine. Car feels anemic of course only being a V8 with a couple of dead weight pistons to move. Found a bad plug wire on 5 with damaged insulation around it like it had rubbed and been cut through over time. Thought problem...
  2. Viper Discussions - Gen I & II
    Not firing on #8 out and #10 cylinders. Replaced plug wires and 4 post coil. Still not firing. Checked wiring going to the pin that controls the ground for the 8 and 10 cylinders from the ICM and it has continuity. Pulled the ICM and opened it up...water clearly got into the computer. If...
1-2 of 2 Results