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    I recently purchased a 98 gts and had a new spare key cut since it only came with one key. After using the key the first time, the electric doors and key fob don't work anymore. Worked fine for the last 2 months of owning the car. No sound or lights flash when I try to lock the door. Is this a...
  2. Viper Discussions - Gen I & II
    Hi All, I'm looking to source a set of poly bushings for the diff mounts in my gen 2 viper. I can only seem to find them for the rear batwing but can only find delrin for the front, which I think might transfer too much gear noise to the cabin. Does anyone know where I can source poly front...
  3. Viper Discussions - Gen I & II
    Hi, new to the forum and Vipers. I'm going to go look at a 2002 RT/10 this weekend but it is out of State and I want to be as prepared as possible. The Dealer states that there is a rear clunking noise coming from the rear passenger side under acceleration on warm days. They say it is isn't...
1-3 of 3 Results