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Gootz November 26th, 2019 06:54 PM

Gen 2 vs Gen 3 Notable Differences/Quirks
I've been looking at Gen 2s for months now and have come across some good deals on a couple Gen 3s. It got me thinking and wanted to check in with those of you who are most familiar with them to learn about your experiences.

I'm not going to be heavily modifying whatever Viper I end up with, so that isn't necessarily a factor I'm worried about. Probably just full exhaust, smooth tubes/intake and maybe a tune.

I'm mostly curious about reliability, quirks each gen has (Gen 2 battery located behind the right rear tire, gen 3's last 2 intake manifold bolts located underneath the cowl shroud making it really difficult to change spark plug wires, etc.), things that would make ownership a bit more challenging for the weekend mechanic, etc.

Thanks in advance

99RT10&GTS November 27th, 2019 01:32 AM

Actually, the battery is located behind the LEFT rear tire........:D

Both cars are pretty reliable, Gen 3 brakes are MUCH better. Real folding soft top too. Easier to Daily drive it.

2001GTS November 29th, 2019 09:01 AM

I have a Gen2 so Iím probably biased.

I would say more people are interested in the GTS and canít tell the difference between the 4&5 which is equally as cool. At car shows. The Gen2 is sometimes confused with a corvette at first for some reason.

The gen3 coverts donít get much love at all.

As far as working on cars gen2 is the easiest car ever, even compared to my 4clyinder Honda or fox body mustang.

Gen2 have the best seats

Gen3 has the front fenders which stay in the way.

On the good side gen 3 has cruise and arguably better interior.
I like the looks of the gen3 tail lights
Easier gen4 head conversion

WDW MKR November 30th, 2019 01:07 PM

The visual differences in Gen4 & Gen5 are pretty obvious. Did you mean Gen3 & Gen4, or Gen2 & Gen5?

As far as recommendations... I love my Gen2, but a Gen3 coupe would be a tempting option if starting from scratch. My father had a Gen4 for a short period and it was definitely a more comfortable and easier to drive car. They also look great with a Gen4 hood swap, but still not as sexy/iconic as the Gen2. Both platforms are easy to work on... very easy.

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Uncle Paul November 30th, 2019 01:53 PM

Had both a Gen 2 & 3.

Thought Gen 2 (B/W) was the most beautiful. Brakes were bad, A/C was terrible, tended to over heat on tracks, interior was hot due to side pipes, shifter was loose and tended to go through rear ends. No matter...I loved that car.

Gen 3 was a much better car. A/C and heater worked great, shifter was stronger and much more positive, lots more horsepower, better suspension, fun to put the top down. Had far fewer mechanical issues plus a huge leap up in fit and finish as well. Added a Paxton Supercharger and it turned into a wild beast. Fast as hell and tremendous power. Ruined it as a track car, but sure was crazy on the street. Never emotionally connected with that car.

My Gen IV was the best of both world. A well developed and reliable car. Excellent track and road manners. Coupe looked great and I still miss that car.

2001GTS November 30th, 2019 03:54 PM

Agreed forgot about that.

Gen2 is terrible on AC and cabin heat.

But if you remove cats it makes a world of difference.

I also have my fan come on at 190 and hi speed at 205f

This is a must for hotter climates, with these mods itís pretty good afterwards.

Gootz December 4th, 2019 08:05 PM

Forgot to turn on my notifications, so just now coming back to see this thread since it was listed in the weekly trending posts email newsletter. I appreciate all of the responses and feedback.

The side pipes heat would definitely be super annoying and something I'd take care of with going catless or upgrading the entire exhaust system (headers + catback setup).

The crappy AC would be a mild nuisance, but not a deal killer since I live in the PNW where the temperature doesn't get too hot except for a few days here and there.

How much of an improvement are the gen 3 brakes over an 01/02 gen 2 with ABS? How about pre ABS gen 2s, how much of an improvement are they?

I would be most happy with a gen 2 GTS or gen 3 coupe, but I do dig the gen 3 vert...just not as much as the coupe.

Overall, it sounds like motor and trans reliability is not an issue between the gen 2's and 3's. The gen 3's have better suspension and braking along with nicer interiors and finish/fitment. Is there anything else noteworthy between the 2?

Thanks again for everyone's feedback!

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