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Topic Review (Newest First)
October 23rd, 2019 08:53 AM
GTS Dean That's great news Jeff! Sorry about your sunk cost in injectors, but your snake lives once more! Enjoy it for a while before you start into it again.
October 22nd, 2019 07:12 PM
Lunchbox It runs!

So i wasnt aware of this at first, but in the engine > dtc & monitors menu ( going frmo memory here) i was able to watch "secondary indicators" when trying to crank the engine. I hadn't seen this stuff at all before and started seeing some realtime DTCs show up finally!

I was getting p0210, p0209, and a few others. All the codes i did see were related to the injector control circuits.

So one of the things i decided to do was buy adapters that converted the stock injector clips to the right type of connector for the injectors im using in an effort to not hack up the stock wiring harness.

Come to find out, i pull off the adapters from the stock injector clips to the new injectors and looked carefully and found that the pins from the injector were sliding into the upper portion of the fuel injector clips where you would normally use a tiny flat head screw drive to release the wire with the crimped on terminal. Basically, they were not making any connection AT ALL. I was WAY too trusting of these things and was testing with them plugged in and saw that i wasnt getting an injector pulse when cranking much early on in the troubleshooting process. Had i tested them unplugged i would have seen the signal and figured this out much sooner.

I dropped the stock injectors back into the car and connected the oem injector connectors onto the injectors and the car fired right up...

I feel very stupid for not finding this much sooner, but lesson learned i guess. These adapters are going straight into the trash, i dont believe i have an recourse with returning these now since ive had them for a good part of a year now sitting around.
October 21st, 2019 06:02 PM
Lunchbox I just replaced the EEM (Electronic entry module) with a brand new NOS with new keyfobs that match it courtesy of viper parts rack and no change. Still no spark, no fuel and the engine only cranks but never starts.

So far ive replaced the CAM sensor (replaced it before i got ahold of a DRB3 to see the CKP Count)
EEM Has been replaced with a brand new (NOS) unit with matching key-fobs and they've been
programmed via the DRB3 and the car has been armed and un-armed (alarm DOES work and will trip)

Everything else on the car checks out and im a bit confused to say the least.
October 18th, 2019 10:03 AM
Lunchbox Wasnt able to find someone to swap the pcm with but, i took a leap of faith here and i ordered a new EEM and keyfobs. Im not able to get the DRB3 to change the veh/theft status from seen to not seen with anything i do. Everything else checks out fine on the car however and looks entirely normal. EEM Should be here any day now. Special thanks to JonB at Viper parts rack america for this.
October 7th, 2019 01:18 PM
Lunchbox Well, spoke with dan and it was suggested i swap my pcm into another car to confirm and see if the problem follows.

If anyone around the austin area would like to try, im open to bring the PCM to you and we swap it out to see what comes of it. At the very least if it starts and runs in another car then i think the alarm may be partly at fault on my end here which helps narrow this all down.

Did the disarm vtss switch diagnosis in the body manual and the rear hatch switch diagnosis and found that it pointed me to to replace the Electronic entry module on two separate occasions... Really hoping the pcm swap works fine and then ill just replace the EEM and hopefully be done with these shenanigans and driving in this nice weather finally.
October 6th, 2019 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by GTS Dean View Post
Glad you are making some headway! Interestigly, the other day when I stopped by the house to get the DRB, a RAM pulled in my driveway just after I got in to leave. It was my old friend and first Viper Tech at the dealer I bought my 93, 96 wnd 03 from. He recently retired and just stopped by to say hi. If you need another experienced brain, he might be enticed to help.
Took a little tinkering around to find a few other options in the menus but this thing is pretty nice to have! If you have some time, give him a shout for me and see if he is interested. If he is, i'm sure we can get ahold of each other and figure something out.

As for now, i'm thinking this is the keyless entry/alarm module but i think i'm going to do a bit more digging into the car tomorrow. Looks like the dis-arm switch in the center console does absolutely nothing for me and the DRBIII doesnt seem to pick up that its being toggled/turned. Since i don't know the full history of this car, i'm thinking someone may have been in there before possibly.
October 6th, 2019 10:50 PM
GTS Dean Glad you are making some headway! Interestigly, the other day when I stopped by the house to get the DRB, a RAM pulled in my driveway just after I got in to leave. It was my old friend and first Viper Tech at the dealer I bought my 93, 96 wnd 03 from. He recently retired and just stopped by to say hi. If you need another experienced brain, he might be enticed to help.
October 6th, 2019 03:32 PM
Lunchbox Ok, short update here for any that care and perhaps for someone down the road that may run into something similar.

Using the DRBIII I've been able to talk to the PCM,VTSS and the CCD Bus is good and communicating. Im also able to communicate with ABS/Airbag modules and no codes are present on any of the modules. I cannot however talk to the SKIM (SKM) Module at all. The VTSS states that everything is good but the engine is "not ok to start"

Since my ecu DID NOT have the vin programmed into it when i got it and i wanted to use the SCT To flash the ecu, i had to have my vin programmed into the ecu. In doing so, my theory is that the skim key/secret data is not synced with the ECU. However, not being able to communicate with the SKM is another story.

Do the SKM modules commonly fail or is this a rare occurrence?


Went and started checking all door lock switches, hood switches, hatch switch and found the hatch switch to be showing "CLOSED" on the DRB3 which was opposite of all the others when the doors and hood were closed. Tinkered with it and then found that i was able to get it to switched from CLOSED to OPEN. Guessing it just was stuck?! or maybe the gas shocks on it are slightly different that oem or adjustment needs to be made overall. Anyhow, it works now... Checked the VTSS Miscellaneous menu and the alarm monitor section and now the car states its OK to start after re-programming a FOB to the car then arming and dis-arming the alarm. Also need to check the VTSS Switch in center console for operability. It stated the same thing as the rear hatch switch but i had to run over to see family so i ran out of time.

Funny thing... ive never ever ever seen the red VTSS light on the dash flash when the car was locked/armed since i've owned it.... Now it does and i guess the alarm wasn't really working the whole time.

Anyway, went to start the car still nothing...

the body diagnostics manual makes mention that if you open the hatch and the hatch switch status says "closed" that you should replace the electronic entry module. Additionally, the PCM input/output status menu on the DRB3 is showing the theft alarm status as "seen". Unsure what this means... Im guessing it means its thinking its being stolen? I dont have any sort of lights flashing or horn going off so i have to believe its not tripped..
October 3rd, 2019 10:04 PM
Lunchbox HUGE thanks to Dean! I'll be toying with the DRB3 and hopefully tracing down the problem here this weekend.
October 2nd, 2019 11:54 AM
GTS Dean deleted
October 2nd, 2019 11:52 AM
GTS Dean Check your PMs!
October 2nd, 2019 11:40 AM
Lunchbox Off to find a DRB3 or perhaps use the DRB3 Emulator to see what i can find out. Powertrain diagnostics manual essentially requires this to get through most if not all of the scenarios of crank & no start.
October 1st, 2019 02:41 PM
Lunchbox ok, small update.

I ended up installing the new walker cam sensor because i had ordered it assuming i would need to replace it. Made sure to check if the high side of the gear was showing before installing and such and proper gap.


I'm at a loss here. I highly doubt the wiring could be bad to any of the cam/crank sensors. All fuses are good, all connectors are plugged in tight. This wasn't a problem before the car sat for about 6 months.

The only other thing i can think of is that i did send the ecu to have the VIN flashed to it because it didn't have one and the SCT wouldn't even touch it without this being present. The ecu does still comunicate fine and the crank sensor is showing rpm when cranking. I doubt its the ECU but i guess its possible maybe?

Any suggestions are welcome. Im at a total loss at this point as to what could be causing the problem. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
September 16th, 2019 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by RobV View Post
LOL! Good read... but that ~\you\~ variable is played out though.
September 16th, 2019 11:50 AM
RobV O oh! Walker sensor.
September 16th, 2019 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by Final GTS View Post
I do have Cam sensors in stock. But, test yours before you go that route.

If i ever get time to get back around to working on it soon, i'll be able to find out whats going on. Work and family have kept me from getting back to this lately. I did pick up a sensor from a Dodge ram with the V10 (walker part number 235-1115) as a suitable replacement but i havn't confirmed the original is entirely dead just yet. Worst case its a good backup for down the road.

Assuming the cam sensor is the problem, if its replaced it looks like the gap between the sensor and the gear is adjustable. Does anyone have a handy link to the info for setting this gap and or any of the details?

Ill update this thread when i get a chance and i have more info to share.
September 11th, 2019 04:52 PM
Final GTS I do have Cam sensors in stock. But, test yours before you go that route.
September 10th, 2019 05:01 PM
Lunchbox I thought I did...

But here is the kicker. So I called up Dan Lesser just to run this by him because, well... I figured if anyone knew, he would know more in relation to the PCM.

Ive got the following confirmed currently:

Fuel pressure
no spark
no fuel on plugs (not spraying)
rpm signal on scan tool when cranking

Ive also swapped back to stock injectors and PCM tune via SCT x3 and the original map sensor and it still won't start.

The only thing I CANNOT see or test via the scan tool I have is the camshaft position sensor.
I was told that the ASD Relay will function just fine if it gets an RPM signal but without a cam signal im just not going to get spark or injectors firing.

Im thinking the cam sensor might be shot... and it looks like.... they don't exist anymore from the dealer or aftermarket as im finding out.

I did find this though...

I guess ill have to try testing the existing cam sensor thats installed.
September 10th, 2019 04:42 PM
Viper4Christ Sounds like you found your issue. The seco
nd I read the part in regards to the PCM and VIN numbers, I knew it was going to be a bit of a spectacle to get it running again.
Hopefully this works for you.
September 10th, 2019 02:13 PM
Lunchbox Blah

So, I found some interesting info in the 2001 body diagnostic procedure manual under the verification tests section.

Bullet point 4

"If PCM has been changed and correct VIN and mileage have NOT been programmed, a DTC will be set in the ABS and Airbag modules. In addition if the vehicle is equipped with a SKIM, secret key data must be updated to enable start.

For abs/airbag, enter the correct vin and mileage in PCM and erase codes in abs and airbag modules.

For skim, connect DRBIII and place SKIM in secured access mode by using the appropriate pin code for this vehicle."

meh..... this sounds like a shit sandwich...
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