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  1. 2007 Underground Racing Gallardo for sale
  2. **VIDEO** Underground Racing 240 MPH Standing Half Mile World Record
  3. May be selling my beautiful Underground Racing Gallardo
  4. Moe's Underground Racing 6 speed Gallardo wins wannaGOfast Georgia event. **VIDEO**
  5. Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Huracan 236 mph New Puerto Rico 1/2 Mile Record
  6. Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Huracan 7.80 1/4 Mile Pass **VIDEO**
  7. Heffner Performance DCT Huracan lays down back to back 8.30 passes
  8. 8.55 1/4 mile pass from Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Huracán
  9. Heffner Performance....World's first 8 second 1/4 mile DCT Huracan!!!
  10. Heffner Performance DCT Huracan runs a record 9.12 @ 163 MPH last night in FL
  11. Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo DCT **VIDEO**
  12. Underground Racing wins at WannaGoFast FL 1/2 mile event
  13. Heffner Performance and OB Prestige Auto Win @ Ocala with a event top speed of 232.67
  14. Ross wins NO FLY ZONE AZ and sets new E-GEAR record! **VIDEO**
  15. Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan DCT Standing Half Mile **Video**
  16. Another Underground Racing TT Gallardo headed to East Texas.
  17. Another Twin Turbo Aventador from Underground Racing
  18. KING OF THE STREETS 1320 Video!
  19. The Holy Grail
  20. Underground Racing at Pocono Raceway for Racewarz. **VIDEO**
  21. Another Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Gallardo headed to TEXAS
  22. Moe's Underground Racing TTG WINS Georgia WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Event *VIDEO
  23. Underground Racing Shift Sector Oregon EVENT VIDEO
  24. VIDEO* Underground Racing WINS Shift Sector - Oregon **NEW 1/2 Mile World Record**
  25. Hanging with Ice-T
  26. UR X Crew
  27. OB Prestige / Heffner Performance headed to Shift-S3ctor / Colorado / Racing Today!
  28. Underground Racing Twin Turbo X-Version Huracán. **VIDEO**
  29. UGR Gallardo Scary flybys
  30. UAE TT Gallardo's BEWARE!!
  31. Heffner / OB Prestige Auto OVERALL WINNER AND FASTEST. WannaGOFAST Virginia 1/2 Mile
  32. Moe’s Underground Racing TT Gallardo WINS 1st Place At WannaGoFast VA. **VIDEO**
  33. Heffner / OB wins WannaGOFAST Virginia 1/2 Mile Runway Shootout. Hot Springs, VA
  34. Heffner Performance/OB Prestige Auto wins Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 8 Coalinga,CA
  35. *IN STOCK* 19" Performance Series R10 Carbon Fiber Wheels!
  36. Heffner / OB Prestige Lambo hauler is done...
  37. Stacy B: TTG 1320 Video
  38. Twin Turbo Lamborghinis BEWARE! (TT R8s are taking over)
  39. * Video* Richard's Underground Racing TT Gallardo at the No Fly-Zone
  40. Underground Racing 233.88 mph World Record Half Mile @ WannaGoFast Florida
  41. Underground Racing 233mph 1/2 new record today
  42. Heffner Performance at WannaGoFAST Florida 1/2 Mile Jan 24-25
  43. Put My 04 Gallardo Up For Sale Or Trade for Gen V Viper. 9500mi ADV1 . Vorsteiner .
  44. Monster TT Lambo Race
  45. Stunning LP560-4 Spyder
  46. 1st Twin Turbo HURACAN built by Underground Racing
  47. Arancio Borealis Superleggera Epicness
  48. Heffner Performance wins at Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7 and runs 230 MPH
  49. Underground Racing TT LP 570's WIN Pocono roll race.
  50. Heffner Performance 1/2 Mile Lambo build...this time in 2wd....
  51. My Underground Racing Build
  52. Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Huracan build is now....
  53. Underground Racing and Dallas Performance exchanging pleasantries at TI
  54. Heffner Performance at TI right now...
  55. Dustin's Underground Racing TT Gallardo WINS WannaGoFast GA event **Video**
  56. New 2xxx HP build from Heffner.
  57. Message to ISIS from an American
  58. anybody know this guy?
  59. Huracan driving experience Video
  60. UGR G on fire
  61. Pulled the trigger on G
  62. Gallardo Twin Turbo Build by Nth Moto
  63. Lamborghini Huracán First Drive VIDEO
  64. Anyone Know this 2004 Gallardo, thinking of buying
  65. Lamborghini Aventador Test Drive With a Heffner Performance Exhaust System
  66. LP-610-4 Huracan
  67. If anyone is looking for a TT 6 speed yellow spyder...
  68. Mullet's TTG
  69. The last Gallardo
  70. TT Lambos racing
  71. Lp570-4
  72. Car in calendar?
  73. 2008 Orange Superleggera for sale, virgin 6k miles ceramics
  74. V-10's @ a party
  75. Worst Fucking Lamboghini build EVER!!!!!!
  76. WTB Orange 6manual G
  77. Underground Racing TTSL's: Runway Racing
  78. Nose job
  79. > PEAK's Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Gallardo 8 Second 1/4 Mile World Record Pa
  80. gallardo exhaust systems
  81. Gallardo clutch
  82. Carbon Wrapped G on EBAY
  83. Terrible realization
  84. TT Gallardo vs. Supra
  85. Hey Gallardo guys....
  86. New Lambo in the Dirt
  87. UGR Lamborghini Gallardo Nera vs Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12 *NEW*
  88. It doesn't get much better than this, Race Version Matte Black LP560 - LP1500 by UR
  89. Underground Racing takes 60-130 mph record back with a 3.04 sec ET
  90. VIDEO** 177mph 1/4 mile video of an Underground Racing TT Gallardo
  91. Gallardo TT throwing flames = BONER MATERIAL!
  92. Thoughts on this TTG
  93. Bob Helm's Underground Racing Twin Turbo 08 Superleggera *PICTURES*
  94. Another Underground Racing TT LP 570 headed to Lamborghini Miami.
  95. Mario's Underground Racing Twin Turbo LP 560 **Pictures**
  96. "UR Motors" by Underground Racing
  97. #3 Russian Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Race Version
  98. The first 550-2 Twin Turbo by Underground Racing LP1000-2 **PICTURES**
  99. 08 WHITE Superleggera with Underground Racing Stage 3 TWIN TURBO
  100. Cool color combo, 08 Underground Racing Twin Turbo SUPERLEGGERA **pictures**
  101. Lamborghini Miami and Underground Racing Twin Turbo LP 570 **Intro video**
  102. Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo SE PICTURES**
  103. Selling my UGR TT Widebody Gallardo SE
  104. Nikita's Underground Racing Stage 3 TT Gallardo is about ready for flight home to Rus
  105. **PICTURES** Pete's Twin Turbo LP 570 / LP 1000 from Underground Racing
  106. Chris H 2009 Underground Racing Twin Turbo Murcielago LP1200
  107. Dan's Underground Racing LP TT 560 Sleeper PICTURES!
  108. **PICTURES, of another TT LP 570 - LP 1000 from Underground Racing.
  109. Underground Racing 2010 Audi V10 Twin Turbo R8 **PICTURES**
  110. VIDEO *Tim's Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo
  111. Black is the new Chrome
  112. Gallardo vs. Viper
  113. Whose Gallardo?
  114. 1st of 3 Russain Supperleggera MIG's has arrived
  115. Mike Sommer's Underground Racing TT Superleggera. **PICS**
  116. Another UGR TT build. This time it's my car.
  117. Peak Completions Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo **Pictures**
  118. TT Gallardo vs. Nissan GTR
  119. Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 “Performance” Coming In 2011
  120. Dealer wrecks Gallardo
  121. PICS of One bad Underground Racing TT Superleggera headed to Vegas
  122. Carolina Lamborghini's Underground Racing Twin Turbo Superleggera.
  123. Scott Kings Underground Racing TT Gallardo # 25
  124. New beast just moved into the neighborhood....
  125. Underground Racing Twin Turbo LP 670 build ***PICTURES***
  126. ***Video with Graham Rahal and Underground Racing
  127. Another sleeper. Tim's Underground Racing TT Gallardo **PICTURES**
  128. 2011 LP 570 Superleggera at Underground Racing for some twins??
  129. The Sleeper Underground Racing TT Gallardo Spyder PICTURES
  130. **PICTURES** Underground Racing Race Version LP 560 standing mile TT Gallardo
  131. "Grigio Telesto" Underground Racing TT Superleggera ***PICTURES
  132. Underground Racing request*** TT Ferrari 360 Modena's ;)
  133. Underground Racing UK TT LP 560 Right hand drive **PICTURES**
  134. market value of a 08 superleggera with 5k miles
  135. Ugr ttg
  136. Yellow 6Spd 06 Gallardo FS
  137. *Pics* Lamborghini Gallard - Nera Edition 16 or 185
  138. Forbes reports on UGR. CONGRATS!!!
  139. Graham Rahal's 1000 WHP Pump Gas Underground Racing Gallardo. **PICS**
  140. WTB Orange G
  141. **Pictures** Bob's "txturbo" Underground Racing 1000 whp Pump gas TT Gallardo Spyder
  142. Lambo sales rep dies in burning G crash ..
  143. UNCOVERED **Pictures** Underground Racing 250 mph TT Gallardo
  144. Underground Racing's new R&R shop ***Picture***
  145. Lamborghini, beware of Twin Turbo 1000 HP Ferrari F430's
  146. Gallardo On The Slopes!!
  147. Anyone like skittles?! (The FAST kind!) **PICS INSIDE**
  148. noob question about the G vs Murci in TT
  149. Pictures of the latest Underground Racing TT LP-560
  150. TT Gallardo $75k ???
  151. Ferrari all set to showcase hybrid Ferrari 599
  152. **Pictures** Lamborghini Superleggera with an Underground Racing TT System#post4059
  153. **PHOTOSHOOT**Orange Gallardo Twin Turbo **PICS INSIDE**
  154. TT Viper vs TT Gallardo @ 2009 Texas Mile
  155. **VIDEO**My UR Twin Turbo G caught messing w/ a Mustang
  156. Gallardo Forums
  157. Kudos to UGR
  158. | 360 Forged CONCAVES |
  159. UGR TT G Test Rides~
  160. Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni
  161. Forgestar fitments for Gallardo, F430, and 360 Modena
  162. ADV.1 Group Buy...BY: WHEELADDICTS.COM
  163. SW Gallardo Shoot...AMAZING Photos
  164. Texas Mile Pics
  165. UG @ Texas mile
  166. ***Beware of Twin Turbo LP-560's ***PICTURE***
  167. Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Twin Turbo Video !
  168. Underground Racing's Latest Race Version Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Pump Gas Res
  169. First Underground Racing Race Version Superleggera build
  170. Underground Racing's 238mph land speed record article from Lamborghini Club America
  171. Underground Racing's first Race version spyder!
  172. My Weekend at UR and track ….1400+ whp!.... 9.6 Easy First Pass!!!!!
  173. UGR put some junk in my trunk!
  174. Gallardo or 430
  175. UGR sets a few more records
  176. UGR vs Heffner showdown
  177. Newest acquisition...
  178. LP 670 SuperVeloce!!
  179. Whats All The Hype About
  180. G's on ebay
  181. Underground Racing TT Gallardo's will compete in "Pinks all out"
  182. Gallardo>viper
  183. Want to buy a Gallardo and Twin turbo - advice needed.
  184. A couple of rolling shots from the weekend
  185. MLE brings SEMA Showstopper
  186. My Decision to change my Gallardo TT System
  187. Murci race car on e-bay
  188. Hey bigmike--did you ever buy a black G?
  189. Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo 9 second pass!!
  190. TTG World Record SMASHED !!!!!!
  191. Congrats to Underground and the TTG contributors
  192. Love letter from my wife.....
  193. some track pics
  194. Pics from Underground Racing's trip to the dragstrip - my (Kyle's) TTG
  195. **Track day at the new Z-MAX track in Charlotte with Nascar and NHRA Top fuel drivers
  196. You didnt like chrome
  197. Lp 560
  198. ****** Underground Racing Gallardo Twin Turbo 155 mph 1/4 pass!!!
  199. Did someone say Lamborghini???
  200. A couple of quick pics of the G
  201. What do you guys think...
  202. *** Underground Racing TT Gallardo Twin Turbo 6 speed Wolrld Record Video
  203. ***Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Video
  204. OK, I think it's time for me to pull the trigger!
  205. Rode In The First UR TT Gallardo This Week
  206. Stunning Gallardo
  207. Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo PICS!!
  208. Gallardo Spider + Private Jet - Photo Shoot
  209. Dumping the Murcie and grabbing a Gallardo