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Dodge SRT10's for $499-$579 a month
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Dodge SRT10's for $499-$579 a month

I didnt know where else to post this but I wanted to throw it out there for you guys.

I work for Lithia Dodge in Medford Oregon and we've had 15 Dodge SRT10's on our lot for too long and are blowing them out for between $499-$579 a month depending on how much you put down. This is a $57,000 truck with a monthly payment that's usually around $925.

These are the special edition Night runners, with only 400 of them made and I have 15 of them prepped and ready to sell.

All of mine are the black, night runner equipped, fully loaded with everything, leather suede, nav, premium sound...everything!!!

If your interested you can either message me here, visit my personal website at or send me an email at work [email protected]

if you have any questions or comments your welcome to leave messages in this thread.
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