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Originally Posted by BgCk13 View Post
What doesn't DC get about the looks of an exotic car. Don't get me wrong, I love the Srt-10. My dad has an '05 twin turbo w/ an automatic tranny and I think it is beautiful. However, the straight sides of the srt-10's really gives it a tame look. Look at an almost any bad ass supercar and what do you usually notice, dramatic fenders and huge air openings. You also notice unconventional methos for opening the hood, trunk, and sometimes even doors.

Now the viper doors open just fine. Lambo doors belong on a lambo unless your a retarted rapper or athlete who will put anything flashy on their car to be noticed. But the hood, come on. The new hood looks pussy when it is open. Why not find a way to hinge the comp coupe hood so that the fenders are part of the hood, which will also gives it cleaner lines from the front. And the gill opening, that needs to be at least 1-2 inches wider on each side. The side sills also need to be widened as well as the rear fenders. I personally feel the fenders should be 2-3 inches wider on each side in the rear.

Now keep in mind this needs to be tastefully done. I don't want some ghetto ricer widebody kit. I want DC to forget about their bullshit mercedes line for a moment, and instead focus time, effort, and money into getting it right this time. All supercars are wide as hell, at least the ones that make everybody drool. It is the low wide, out or proportion look that catches the eye.

And as for the price. I understand the viper started off with super power for a super price, but a new era has emerged. If you are gonna complain about paying $90k + for the new viper then maybe you should get a firepower. I think a price tag of up to 115k is reasonable, provided they give a min of 650 HP, widebody, update plastic in interior, offer better leather and more colors, provide carbon body panels, and do a few other things i havent thought of.

Yes, it has carbon fiber panels.
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