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Re: Screw the 1/4 mile, who wants to run the mile?!
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Re: Screw the 1/4 mile, who wants to run the mile?!

Originally Posted by shiphteey
I'm presume there are vipers out there that are able to trap the mile in 200, never that there weren't. I asked if there were...maybe someone here has already ran it and knew firsthand. My purpose wasn't to have a pissing contest.
Next time out I should be hitting 200-201 right before the limiter btw.

And as you may be aware Lee ran 260 mph on a street legal turbo busa ....doubt ANY viper is touching that ANY time soon IN THE MILE, PERIOD!

Again, my purpose was solely to let some viper boys know about it in case they didn't. Simple. There are only a handful of bikes out there that can hit those speeds and I already know most of em who run I thought why not extend the offer to car guys too? First car that popped into my head was the viper so here I am.


P.S. I've thought about running bonneville but I'm in the DC area...kinda impractical for now but I do plan on running it. You'd probably get me even if I sprayed a lil more and geared taller, who knows. But since you seem so confident that your car is so quick why not even up the playing field and come out to Maxton next spring I would venture to say that at least in the mile (see subject line of post) you wouldn't be trapping 200 and if so, it wouldn't be much more than that. Come on, I know you got money. I'm a broke ass bike owner who uses a 1.0L 3 cyl geo to tow to and from the track! No shame in my game. I simply don't have the funds or means to come out to Maxton...your car is probably worth more than my combined assets in life! That being said it would be more feasible for you to come out here, Mr. Bonneville.
Well I see I started on the wrong foot. I was just letting you know that you ran in the front door talking smack (alright with me) and I was just letting you know what you asked for. I wish the best for all LSR folks, your pass down the Maxton Mile are just as much fun as mine at the salt. Just so you know Keith Turk & Joe Timney (who run the ECTA) and many others too make the trip to the salt and we are friends, Maybe if you'd like to run at Bonneville you can tag along, there great guys.

If you want me to come back to Maxton again I'll jump into Wayne Jesels truck,(were partners on another project) after a few more shake down runs it'll be a 2 bill Dodge (even if it is a 4 door)

As for the value of your life's assets, don't bet on it. Bonneville is grass roots racing and you wouldn't use half the stuff I make work.
Enjoy your racing and I'll bet we run into each other down the road.
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