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Re: Epoxy floors & U-Coat-it
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Re: Epoxy floors & U-Coat-it

We have the same stuff U-Coat stuff in the garage at this rental house. It was applied when the floor was brand new (I'm friends with the owner). It still peels up whenever soft tires are even slightly warm. It does not appear to be affected by oil or brake fluid or anything of that nature, though.

Here is a picture I took a few days ago of a motorcycle rear-stand I was selling. Behind it you can see the peeled-up Pilot Sport tread pattern. If I recall correctly, the only unusual driving that day was a quick stint of a few minutes at about 145 in ~90 degree weather, ending roughly 1 mile from the house:

I certainly won't be using it in the new house. After talking to somebody I know who runs a business that does driveways and garage floors, stain with a sealer appears to be the way to go if you're not into the race-deck thing. (I think the plastic flooring looks like ass.)
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