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New RAM SRT-10 QC Owner
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New RAM SRT-10 QC Owner

Hi folks, just picked up my '05 Flame Red Quad Cab SRT-10 last week. Needless to say I'm am as happy as a pig in [email protected]

Now please no flames, slamming, I bought what I bought because it's what I liked. Maybe after my three kids are through collage I'll drop the extra bucks for the Viper, but until then, I still need to haul lumber, tow my boat and bring the family along. BTW, I spotted my wifes Z28 2 car lengths and still blew her doors off!

Any how... the one thing that is disappointing about it is that it is not nearly LOUD enough. I have seen some post about Magna Flow, are they the only game in town? Does their system make it real LOUD, cus that's what I'm looking for (i.e. my old '70 Charger w/440).

Also, I have read about some of the add on's, i.e. intakes, headers, chip, etc... do these void the warranty?

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