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Originally Posted by ManOfStealth View Post
Carfax shows 26 years of registration and one visit to triple A Muffler shop in 2017. No dealer visits, no service of any kind on the Carfax. The son of the original owner had no paperwork as he was unable to obtain it. Told me about a new battery and rear tires he purchased recently, that's all. The rest was on me and what I could see and hear in person. I'm discovering new stuff as I did into the car.
I had to replace the front tires as they were 12 years old. Seller thought they were fine as the tread was still deep. I knew better and planned according. No record of fluids changes so I had them all changed asap. My drive home from the storage building was kind of terrifying. Old tires up front and unknown engine fluids. Car was all over the road and felt unstable at highway speed. Come to find out, car had wheels in wrong position and tires not in the direction they should be. Guy at discount tire fixed all that the day I bought the new front tires. Back wheels where also rotated out of place. Car drives near perfect now. Need to do an alignment real soon. Car also had old gas in it from storage. Prior just topped it off with new and sent me down the road. Ran pretty rough untill my next couple of fill ups ran through the car. May need a new fuel filter too.
Feeling pretty lucky so far. Car gets ton of attention, good and bad.
Again, would love to have a local Viper guy come see me and look her over. I'm in the DFW area. Thanks
I have had my Viper serviced at the local dodge dealer many times and Carfax only indicated service was done once.
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