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Performance Shops in the NYC Area
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Performance Shops in the NYC Area

Hey guys, just bought a 2004 basically bone stock with 11,000 miles. Now it’s time for some upgrades I think. It has a Borla exhaust which I’m not too thrilled with the tone of it, but besides that it’s stock.

My thought process is to keep the car driver friendly and reliable so it can still be a solid, fun, summer nice weather only daily driver.

I’m thinking adding headers, tune, and floating with the idea with some type of cam package. Maybe at that point it’s worth doing the heads as well. I don’t need crazy HP, as I’ve had 9 second cars over the years, and I could careless about going that fast again, especially with this car. I’ve worked with great shops like AMS out of Chicago. And I’m looking for the same professionalism in choosing a shop.

Like the title says, I’m in the nyc area... I don’t have a problem driving 1-3 hours out for a QUALITY performance shop. Someone that does reliable work and stands behind it.

Any thoughts or pointing me to the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys 👍🏼
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