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Originally Posted by 2Fasst View Post
If not AEM or Motec, go SCT and save thousands.
My 97 Paxton car is with Drummond Race Cars getting Striker heads/cam upgrade (port matched to intake), 2.75 pulley and 70mm TB's (port matched to intake). Hope to be in the 900rwhp range when complete.

My setup before heads/cam on 93:

Paxton S/C
Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit
65 Injectors,
Twin Pump Fuel System
SCT XCalibrator
Water Meth
Belanger headers
Jesel roller rockers
HF Cats
Doug Levin intercooler upgrade
2.8 pulley with belt tensioner - Doug Levin
Dyno ## 720rwhp

I have heard people say that they were able to get 800+ without heads/cam. I wonder what they're smokin. Lol


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