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Originally Posted by Endlessgts View Post
I recently purchased a 1998 GTS with a Paxton kit on it and I'd like to see what some of the other Paxton owners have seen for results....previous owner said the car made around 550whp on a Mustang dyno and that was with the 3.75" default pulley, stock headers, and a Corsa exhaust. I recently ordered some Belangers for it which are being made and I'd like to make a few other changes to see a bump in power. I was going to give Doug at DLM a call this week about a smaller pulley and his tensioner setup with a Gates HD Green belt.....I'd also like to possibly jump over to e85, but the problem is the tuning side of things....I've been considering going with HPTuners, but the Gen2 support and features seem limited....and Im not looking to make a full jump to an AEM or Motec setup quite yet.

So if you have a Paxton on your Gen2 please post away with your dyno numbers, track numbers, setups, etc....Would like to see what everyone has done. Thanks!
Once you install the Belanger headers and a smaller pulley 3.00 - 2.75, you will run out of fuel and will need to upgrade your fuel system. It happened to me. Also, it is strongly recommended to change your valve springs, retainers etc. when making these upgrades. Doug Levin will tell you the same. Don't let anyone tell you different. If you decide to go e85, you will need to upgrade your fuel system with 1000cc injectors, fuel lines, fuel pumps etc. to support the e85 conversion.

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