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Originally Posted by CWhiteRun View Post
Also, I've found it best not to push/pull on the IAC plunger when you pull the stepper assembly out of the housing. I've killed a few by doing this. Not sure what caused them to fail internally...Maybe manually moving the plunger somehow pushed it outside of its operating range....regardless, every one I've done this to has failed.
What are the symptoms of a failed IAC?

I just cleaned mine for the first time and while shoving in a q-tip past the barrel (plunger that I think you're referring to) I got it to move sideways and up/down. I was able to "pop" it back into the original position. I reassembled everything, and torqued the bolts down to about 100 lbs/inch and started the car up...

It started fine, idled fine, no codes, took it on a 2 mile drive, drives fine, drives like it used to, didn't see any improvements or decreases in performance/low speed driving.


I used a CRC MAF cleaner BTW as the other throttle body cleaner didn't say anything about being safe for plastics/wires/etc while the MAF cleaner specifically stated it was safe for such. Better safe than sorry.

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