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Joined The Fen2 Family....Bought a 98 GTS
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Joined The Fen2 Family....Bought a 98 GTS

Well as Im sure holds true for alot of members here I have wanted a 96-02 GTS Viper since I saw them back in '96....I was a car nut growing up from about the age of 7 and in '96 I was going into high school when the GTS came out....Well fast forward 24 years and I am finally at a point in my life where I can start enjoying the fruits of all the hard work over the about 2 months ago I started looking for a Gen2 GTS....Found a few, but knew I wanted to be picky as I knew most likely I would be keeping this car for 10+ years so I wouldnt settle. I ended up finding a 3 owner 1998 GTS with 21k on it...CarFax showed no claimed accidents and I started emailing with the owner who has owned it since 2006....he seemed like he truly loved the car and took great care of it so I decided to get the paperwork rolling and head down with checks in hand for the car as long as I liked it....Buddy and I jumped on a plane and owner picked us up...from beginning I could tell he cared alot about the car and as soon as I saw it I knew this was the one for me. It's a perfect slate for a "shop" car for my performance shop here in's SUPER unique as there are very few around here so it will get attention for my business....and it's truly an American exotic car that I can enjoy putting miles on with my friends and customers.

I already have a TON of plans for the car and the goal is to be around 700whp and road race capable so I can take it around Road America....I'm still learning a ton about this platform and am greatful to all the willing members for their help and answers to my questions.

Feel free to add me or my business on Facebook or Instagram and I will be starting to utilize my YouTube channel as well to showcase the parts and modifications I do to this car along the way....I'm trying to partner with multiple vendors to showcase their products as well so if anyone has recommendations on things they may like to see feel free to give your input!

FB: AJ Konkol
IG: ajkonkol
FB: Endless Performance
IG: endlessperformancewi
YouTube: Endless Performance

The about me part.....My name is AJ....36 years old....I own a performance shop here in Wisconsin called Endless Performance that I started back in 2011...We are a dealer for hundreds of companies in the performance industry and we have worked with multiple platforms but have specialized in LS and Coyote stuff...alot of our focus has been in the drag racing world, but I want to start doing roll racing and road racing as well.
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