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I just received a preview pic of how the steering wheel is coming along.

They have more polishing to do in the carbon fiber areas, but so far it is looking great.

I did quite a bit of research when it came to finding a company to build my custom steering wheel.

In the end, I selected Aza Auto Wheel

I always had a good feeling when dealing with Aza Auto Wheel and their responses regularly instilled me with confidence. I still had to do my due diligence reviewing and comparing them against other companies. Aza Auto Wheel came out on top for several reasons:

  1. While a number of vendors were very diligent in responding to my emails and going through my questions (even over a weekend), Aza Auto Wheel was just that little bit more thorough in addressing each question. Also on some of my questions I could see that they were already coming up with design solutions and options.
  2. Their pricing tiers made the most sense. Some other vendors were charging the same price whether I selected leather or carbon fiber. I also appreciated that their charges for certain upgrades were very reasonable.
  3. All the finalists on my list produced what looked like excellent work. However, I felt that Aza Auto Wheel would be easier to work with and would be more on top of every custom detail that I had in my long list.
  4. They have a US footprint based in Washington. The work on the steering wheel is done at their factory in the Ukraine. Other vendors have their wheels built in China or Taiwan. The quality of work looked fine and everyone uses OEM cores, but I prefer to limit the amount of China or Taiwan stuff in the Viper.
  5. I did not need to send in my wheel. They already had a core and were able to get started quickly. This steering wheel project started on April 28th and now 30 days later, May 28th, you can see the current pic of where we are at. Once I receive the new wheel and install it I send them back my old wheel for a core credit.

So far the process of working with Aza Auto Wheel has been incredibly smooth and easy. They even provide me with updates before I have to ask.
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