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Thanks! Any pics on how your project turned out?

One of the few good things about being in So Cal is that the driving season is pretty much year round

I am hoping to get the majority of things done by early/mid June so at least the car is more driveable while I wait for the longer lead items. Right now it looks like the longest lead items will be the new custom seat covers. I was looking into since they have the Gen 3 Viper seat pattern and have done some custom seats in the past through their LS Prime division. Unfortunately, their LS Prime Division is currently shutdown due to the Chinese Virus and they are not sure when it will reopen.

So I am on the search again for a company that can provide custom seat covers delivered to me. Then I can take them to my local upholstery guy and have him take off the old and install the new. This avoids me having to ship my seats. Any suggestions?
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