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The Interior Upgrade Project
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The Interior Upgrade Project

The time has come to focus my attention towards upgrading the interior…again. The initial phase actually started in 2008 when I had Al & Ed’s Autosound install some major stereo upgrades. As part of that process they also wrapped some of the interior in alcantara and for a time I was happy and life was good.

Here is a quick refresher of where the interior was at before starting this new round of upgrades.

Some 12 years later and parts of the interior were beginning to show their age with wear spots, soft-touch coatings rubbing off, stress cracks on plastics, etc. I wanted to address these in some spectacular fashion, but the task seemed so daunting I just kept putting it off. I got the prodding I needed when the recall notice for the airbag Occupant Restraint Control Module arrived in the mail. I knew this module was located behind the HVAC controls and under the radio. I also realized how much wiring/cabling the service tech would have to disconnect just to get the head-unit out of the way. I figured I would just pull the head-unit and interior pieces for him as that would shorten the time the car sits at the dealer.

The snowball begins. When I had the car up on the lift a month or 2 prior I saw that the rubber shifter boot was pretty torn up and knew it had to be replaced. Well since I was already pulling some interior parts for the recall why not just remove the center console and also replace the shifter boot. For the guys needing to do this the part number for the boot is 5038653AA. It also looks to be a new design since the old one was always prone to tearing.

This is how the interior looked rolling into the dealer. Also note the new design of the shifter boot.

The dealer only had the car for a couple of hours and she was back home. By this point, I had removed enough of the interior that it just made sense to go all in and get’er done…curse you efficiency! Here is the list of items to tackle:
  1. LED Interior lights.
  2. Leather wrap center console with contrasting double stitch. Also leather wrap underside of dash on driver and passenger side. New leather for shifter and parking brake boots.
  3. Hydro-dip main gauge cluster bezel, radio/HVAC bezel, shifter/parking brake bezel, and steering column shroud.
  4. Wrap driver and passenger plastic sills and foot-well side covers with a high grade vinyl.
  5. New steering wheel with flat bottom, carbon fiber top and bottom, and leather on the sides with contrast stitching.
  6. Re-do door panels with double stitch diamond pattern.
  7. New seat covers in leather with double stitch diamond pattern.

This will be a long road and will probably span some months before it is totally done. Some of the work has already begun and some items are already completed. I will post those as soon as I get the pics sorted and the write ups done. Any further updates will be posted when they are worthwhile and as time permits.

In the meantime, I will leave you with some more shots of the interior pieces removed.

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Mod list is here in PDF:
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