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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
If you do need a rebuilt diff get 3.55 gears. Honestly, one of the best mods you can do.
Originally Posted by Hamrhead View Post
I'll second that.

I did 3.55's in my '06 Coupe and one of my '08 Coupes. Awesome mod and you can actually use 6th gear!

Nice looking Viper - Great Color as well. Good Luck w/ it!
Thanks. This is my 3rd car with a 6 gear box and the 1st where the 6th gear is literally useless.

Originally Posted by Lj60 View Post
what kind of noise are you hearing? have you checked your inner brake pads on your emergency brake yet?
It's difficult to put into words. It is definitely coming from the rear of the vehicle and I'm 85% sure it's from the rear end. It sounds as if you took 2 piece of rubber that were being pushed against each other while simultaneously being pushed perpendicularly, so every little bit they release their friction and catch again making an odd rubberized squeaking sound as the release and catch. Not sure if that makes sense, but like I said, it's an unusual sound and is hard to describe.

Next time the weather permits, I'll take it out, get an audio recording and upload it.
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