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Originally Posted by latamud View Post
Welcome and nice Viper! I have the EXACT same car, same year/color/vert.
Thanks! Share some pics! Is yours stock or do you have any mods?

Originally Posted by MoJoZ06 View Post
You mentioned they changed the diff fluid, but did they also put the friction modifier in?
Good question. I'll call to verify the FM was added. When I called last week to question them about the diff, I spoke directly to the viper tech who said that this is a common issue when the viper sits for a while and isn't driven. The fluid gums up and most of the time a diff fluid change will resolve it, but occasionally, it requires a second flush which works 9/10 times. For the 1/10 times it doesn't work, the diff needs to be rebuilt. Curious if anyone has any feedback on this.
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