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Failed my state vehicle inspection
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Failed my state vehicle inspection

Hey guys, been awhile since I posted. So I went to get my vehicle inspected (NC) and it failed. This isnít the place I usually take my cars but had to go somewhere else because the normal placeís system was down.
Car failed for two reasons.
1. They guy jacked up each wheels to determine how much play was in the wheels. He said there is too much back and forth play in the front tires. Said he thinks the lower tie rods are loose or worn. WTF....the car only has 38,000 miles (2000 GTS ACR)
2. The windshield wipers are working intermittently. When he turned on the wipers with the engine running the wipers didnít work. When I got in I found the same thing. The odd part is the radio didnít work at the same time, but when I turned the key fulled left. (Counter Clockwise) not sure if this is the ACC position but itís one click left CCW from where you pull the key out. When the key is there the radio and wipers work fine. All other positions no. Well occasionally they do. Not sure what the problem is. The car did sit in storage for 4 years. I checked the fuses under the dash on drivers side and theyíre fine.
Anyone seen theses issues with your car? Thanks.

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