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Originally Posted by Lunchbox View Post
Honestly your entire post looks like you're trying to make buyers cater to you and 99% of the time individuals selling these cars DON'T give two shits about catering to you. They know what they have plain and simple and if you want it you're going to go see it in person.

Most of the people that take pictures tucked away in their garage are testing waters and don't really care if it actually sells, unless someone throws the right amount of money at them or begs them for more info or to see it in person. This has been my experience over the years buying and selling cars when i used to be a mechanic for a long while and being an enthusiast myself.

If you want the car, you need to seek it out. Yes its helpful to have pictures so you know if you're wasting time looking at a beater, but generally most vipers are well kept for the most part and you can tell based on just a few small pictures of its a total waste of time or not and also via the description and mileage and knowing what commonly wears out on them and at what mileage.

People arent going to come to you showing their car off begging you to buy it, its always been the other way around and always will be. You want the goods, you need to put in the work to find one and try to pry it from their hands for the right price.

Common things to look for that ive noticed:

Motor mounts (check if shifter is moving around excessively when accelerating or on/off throttle moderately)
Cooling system (check for leaks and temp gauge staying pegging off into the 220-230+ mark all the time even when its cool out)
Side sill warning stickers being totally torched/faded from heat (execisive on throttle all the time or cats are bad)
Break caliper viper stickers bubbling and peeling ( sign of hard repeated use)

Also be aware of the vent /ac quirks on this car, you'll think stuff is broken, but its more often than not just fine and its the intended operation. AC does cut out under moderate acceleration (vaccum controlled flapper door)

There are many other things to look for and you could probably get a more granular list from some of the youtube viper buyers guide videos out there. Couple this with any common automotive knowledge
about commonly wearing parts and you'll be in good shape.
Fellow Texan,
I appreciate your input and suggestions on things to look for when buying a Viper but I find it hard to swallow your first few paragraphs. I would beg to differ on selling the Gen 1 Vipers.
A Dodge that is 25 years old, no windows, no roof, no ABS, no air bags and many without A/C is in need of a good salesman with good ads. You come across as if these cars are flying out of the sellers garages, not so I tell you. Take it from those looking and watching the market everyday, Vipers are hard to sell and spread far and wide across the USA.
My post just had some helpful hints to those selling, from a potential buyer. I fully understand the seller is going to get bombarded with requests from those never intending to buy but that is the nature of the beast.
I believe the results of the sale is bettered by the effort one puts into selling the car.
Hope to have you around to answer questions I'm going to have after I find that "just right" Gen 1 I'm searching for.
Thanks guys
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