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For those selling Vipers
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For those selling Vipers

Hello, I'm a potential buyer of a Gen 1 Viper. I have combed the internet looking for that right Viper to call my own and I have come across dozens upon dozens of for sell ads. Let me tell you, there are tones of sellers that have no idea how to market and package their Vipers for sell to the potential buyers.

I want to list a few of my helpful tips below and maybe other will add to the list. Thanks guys

1) Get a decent camera or high end phone to take pictures. Fuzzy or out of focus pictures are terrible. Someone buying or bidding on your car from out of state has to rely on those pictures to make their decision.

2) Take tones of pictures. Yes, we know what a red 95' Viper looks like but we want to see pictures of your car that might be our car one day. Highlight the good and don't forget to mention and note the "needs attention" areas.

3) Don't take pictures of your car tucked away in a garage. Can't tell you how many ads Ive see with ten pictures of the drivers side and none from the side next to the wall. Might tell me your car is garage kept but also might tell me it doesn't start and you can't get it to your driveway.

4) Take pictures at a park or somewhere picturesque. I don't want to see it parked outside you house that has overgrown yard and siding that needs paint. Makes me think upkeep and maintenance on the car is nonexistent.

5) Check the current market for your car. I know Vipers are suppose to be the next big collector car but that has yet to happen. Listing your "driver" Gen 1 for trailer queen money is not going to get it sold. Be realistic, "your" Viper might be priceless to you but not everyone agrees. Also, auction prices can be misleading.

6) Those looking for a Viper to buy know the story behind the car. Every auto mag out there has had stories about these cars for decades. Don't spend 3/4 of your info page on how fast or great these cars are, we know and that's why we are looking to buy. Give us facts about YOUR car and all the great things about YOUR car that makes us want to buy YOUR car.
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