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Originally Posted by Lunchbox View Post
If you have pictures and can show us the wiring that would be awesome. Would be nice to see how this all fit in. I assume you ran your own relays and fused setup and used the stock fan wiring as a trigger?
I'll work on the pictures. I don't have any handy, because they were all on my old phone which failed suddenly. I tried to recover the pictures but couldn't.

In the mean time, here's a link to the sketchup model (free cad program) I made when I was mocking everything up. You'll need a copy of sketchup to view it. There's 2 shrouds, one for each fan. They have to go in one side at a time. The seam where they meet should be pretty tight (ideally 0, but you know how it goes when you are rolling your own stuff)

If the idea of 2 separate shrouds seem weird to you, know it's the only way to get those fans to fit. I tried half a dozen different cardboard mockups before I finally gave up and went with 2 pieces.

These are the fans. I initially thought I might be able to hack the shroud a little to get it to fit, but was unable.

The shroud I ended up making was pretty simple. I got 22ga steel sheet from home depot and cut out all the pieces with a jigsaw. I tacked it together with one of those cheap HF flux core welders, and then a friend helped me weld it together.

As far as wiring, each fan draws about 25 amps (don't worry, alternator is good for it), so they are on separate relays. I used an add a circuit to tap into one of the fuses that becomes live when the car is running, which turns on the relays. I think there are like 4 positions for the ignition circuit (off, accessory, run, and cranking) ? I don't quite remember, but it's all in the service manual. I think the fuse I spliced off of was live for running and cranking, but not accessory. So, both fans are on all the time. If you wanted to get fancy and use the oem high speed/low speed outputs you could, but I didn't see the benefit.
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