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Originally Posted by jjsxw6 View Post
I have some huge fans I got from summit that a friend and I built a shroud for. Dual 13", 25 amps each. Highly recommended. Before, just like you, I had all kinds of overheating problems. Had to pull over and turn off the car once in heavy traffic.

Took it to an autox in July, where it was high 90's. autox is the worst for the cooling system, because it's heavy load, but not high speeds, so you're mostly relying on the fans. Even with spraying the radiator and having the heater on max, we couldn't keep it under 230.

Since the fan upgrade, the needle stays pegged at 190, even in traffic. I did GG heads and cam since then too, so I'm making more power. I took it to an autox last month where the run group was small (so basically hot lapping the car with little time to cool down), and it was high 90's again. I think I saw 210 at the worst. These fans rock.

If you want, I can give you the shroud dimensions and fan model. It was a fair bit of effort and fabbing to squeeze it in there, but worth it imo.

Super interested, thanks a ton.

I know 220-230 could be considered normal depending on the driving conditions. More of it has to do with 230 being too close to 250 on the gauge and me sweating bullets thinking I’m roasting the motor. Aftermarket gauges might be a next step so I can tell what the temp is vs sitting in traffic thinking “well I hope this isn’t too hot”
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