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Originally Posted by MH60M View Post
Do all these TT cars run on a complete standalone ECUs like a Haltek, AEM Infinity, Motec, etc....?

Is the boost/power too exponential or too variable to be "SAFELY" tuned with a SCT?
I originally planned on having a custom SCT tune with my build. After having such a chunk of $ into the engine build, turbo system, and fuel system, I really didn't want to spend more on a the EMS at that time. Figured the EMS could be a future purchase. I talked with some tuners, and many of them advised on an EMS, and several would not even tune the car on the stock ECU. After a lot of thought, I decided to just do it right even though it put me over budget, but I was going to learn the software so I could do basic changes at the track myself. I decided on the AEM infinity with RSI harness. It was a plug and play. Very nice harness. I was able to navigate the software pretty easily.

I can honestly say of all the big purchases I made for this build, the EMS was the one I feel was the best investment, and really could not have done without. You have so much data, and control at your fingertips. I couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be with a stock ECU, and frustrating to not have any options for different power levels without another custom tune. It is invaluable when trouble shooting an issue. You would also have to have so many add ons like wide band, and boost controller, etc to make it work, but it would not be a nice package. The fail safe features of a good EMS is also important. The EMS has the ability to control boost by gear, traction control, low/high speed fan, and can switch between 93, race gas, and E85 with a click or turn of the dial.

It is worth the investment if you plan to run a TT set up IMO.



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