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Time for a clutch. Input Please.
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Time for a clutch. Input Please.

I was going up a very steep driveway and the clutch started banging away. Its been making noise for some time now.

My car. 1997 viper GTS
Roe 10lbs W/M, Headers, 200 Cell cats, catback
Going to put in 3.55 Gearing
SCT 60lb injectors blah blah.
Looking for 640-660rwhp when finally tuned properly.

My car will be staying at this power level. I'm looking for some clutch input here. I want something to handle the power and ZERO CHATTER. Cant stand that. I'm leaning towards a spec 3/3+ or centerforce. Not sure about the aluminum flywheel yet or not.

WHat do you guys/gals think is my best bet. I see a lot of people go with the LUK but i feel that would be better for stock power levels or with bolt ons only. I put 2-4 thousand miles on a year and want this job done right the first time.
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