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Originally Posted by nautoncall View Post
Coupe and I are near Birmingham, AL and I know I would be interested, however, I have one question. What's the course going to be like? If it's a cone track that doesn't allow you but speeds of 30-40 mph then I'm out. Will there be straights/turns to at least really feel these cars? Most of us here have Vipers and/or other cars that are more powerful so a leisurely stroll probably is not going to sell this to "car guys". I love the concept and cause.

So the cars are a Gallardo and F430?
Nice! I definitely understand the concern about really being able to push the cars! The track will be an autocross setup in a large parking lot. You will be able to get the car up to around 80-100 at max speed. The courses will have challenging chicane and switchbacks so you can really sink your teeth into the cars. The cars will be the Gallardo & the F430 or 458!

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