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Originally Posted by trademarked View Post
Bah! lol

If I can't get an 11.5 I'm gonna be pissed heh. If a stock car can run 12.0, and I have an extra 100hp/tq, shouldn't I be able to get into the low 11's?

And on a side note, can anyone tell me what the requirements are for ET's and safety equipment? It's been awhile since I've been to the dragstrip and I remember at certain ET's you'd need driveshaft loops, roll bars, etc..
BTW I'm flying to Texas in the Am to go pick up the viper

I enjoyed your thread a whole lot : )
My car has only 13,000 miles so I'm praying I won't have any issues lol cause I'll b fucked : *)

GPS check
Sunglasses check
Auxiliary cord for stereo check
I'm ready my body tells me
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