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Re: A ? about storing your viper for winter......
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Re: A ? about storing your viper for winter......

I had my 01 in a unheated garage for 2 winters and 1 winter in a heated garage.

every year i would first change oil just prior to storage.
then prep garage with sheets of plastic on the floor and plywood and carpet
for each wheel to park on.
then once a month go out and start it.. let it warm up 15 mins
then move it out of the garage (lubes rear gears)
roll back in slightly diff position for the tires.

and give a bit of gas about 2500 rpm just enough to give some load.
for about 5 mins..
then idle 10 more mins
finally another good 5 mins of load and done.
let it cool, recover with carcover and say goodbye for another month.

Pain in the ass, but car never needed a jump start and ran great.
but right out of storage immediate oil change.
good luck
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