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Ask yourself these questions:

1). Why if everyone wants a guy(s) to resign does one even want to stay in control?

2). Why would one get lawyers involved to try to maintain a position they are being asked to resign from and said position is running a forum and car club that is non-profit? Really??? If people really cared about what is important and that is the VCA and the relationship with SRT then this wouldn't be happening. Neither would #1 above. So it isn't about the club, Vipers or SRT. Me thinks perhaps what has been found out are little bits here and there that continue to be exposed are probably only skimming the surface of problems.

Both of these smell bad. I don't get why if everyone that is the club membership wants you out you want to stick around and want to fight to keep what is supposed to be an up and up volunteer position? Smells.....
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