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Originally Posted by viperjon View Post
here you go, well written and right to the heart of the matter.
Off the vca site just now.

Here's some interesting reading from someone apparently in the know. I won't disclose who sent this but it went to all the presidents.

My fellow officers: I have read all the emails concerning the problems between the vca and srt and i would like to say that i am pleased that this has come into the open because of chrysler's response to lee's inaccurate summation of the last meeting with srt. Lee is now forced to defend his statements and can't hide behind his wall of secrecy and threats of banishment from the club if anyone says anything he doesn't like. Although you will note that he has already tried to keep this information from the membership and has started his anticipated attack against jim johnson, for forwarding the information to the presidents. Lee has called for a board meeting tonight, which jim has been excluded from, to no doubt attack jim and try to spin his false statements into something the board will believe.

Chrysler was not afraid of this letter getting out. It wasn't a secret. It was on official company letterhead and was not marked confidential or do not distribute. For someone who ran on the platform of communication, that is the last thing lee wants to do. After all, he neglected to invite maurice, our national secretary, and randall, our national vice president, to the meeting with srt. Instead he invited dan our national treasurer and chris marshall who has no official title. Now why do you suppose that is the case? Could it be that chris is pulling the strings and/or that chris's entire livelihood depends on the vca as you will see below.

First and foremost things are not fine with srt, as lee keeps telling us. Everyone should know that by now. To put it nicely, lee tried to mislead us. Things have not been fine since the january presidents meeting in detroit when ralph had a meeting with the national officers. Club members had complained to national about the way the club was being run and transparency of finances, which fell on deaf ears. So they went to ralph for help. Ralph was concerned about sending owners of the new viper to a club with complaints, so he asked for changes in the way the club was being run, including issues of transparency, as many of us had already done. If you would like to know the details, then by all means ask mr. Communication himself or one of the other national officers, but the point is they were put on notice to make changes.

Instead of discussing this with the regional presidents in an open forum at the meeting, lee demanded that no one speak of the meeting while he, marv and a few others plotted what to do. They had the choice of working with srt for the benefit of our club and its membership, but they chose to attack ralph in a very methodical way instead. First with a letter by former dal tim wollesen to sergio accusing ralph of costing srt sales by meddling in club business. When this didn't work, it was followed by an anonymous letter to chrysler accusing ralph of wrongdoing including the taking of bribes. All the while telling the membership that everything was fine. Ralph has copies of these letters and is also aware of the statement by lee and marv that the vca doesn't need srt's support. What ignorant arrogance by these two. Does anyone think that ralph and srt will forgive and forget these attacks? Really? Well they haven't.

I spent a week with srt at le mans in june and it was clear they wanted nothing to do with the vca, at least while the present leadership was in place. Need more proof? You will note that the vca, which was once prominently displayed on the dodge/srt website, is nowhere to be found. Not one word letting anyone know that the international car club representing their halo car even exists. Want more? We will not be allowed to hang any vca banners at any srt events such as the southwest zone rendezvous in austin next month. Further, i attended the pebble beach concours last weekend and asked about vca displays at the srt tent and was told "absolutely not". Yes that is a quote. Finally, you will note that ralph no longer writes the forward in viper magazine and not because of the excuse lee made up. In simple terms you can't bite the hand that feeds you and expect them to like it. So anyone telling you that all is well between the vca and srt is lying.

People often ask why? Why would someone want to slander ralph? It all comes back to money. It started with a simple question when i asked chris marshall just how much he was making off the club, at the presidents meeting a year and a half ago in phoenix. Aside from the publicly known answer that coast to coast marketing (mary marshall) is paid $60,000 a year to manage the club he refused to give a straight answer. To this day the national office has not disclosed his total compensation working for the club. While no one is objecting to people being paid for their work we have a right to know how much the club pays them. So what do we know? We know mary is paid as above and chris is in charge of viper magazine and receives all advertising revenues up to $75,000 a year. We all know how well that is going with the current issue being four months late and no reason given to all those who have asked. And, did you know that chris made his son the editor? Bty reports are that the magazine is losing money as well. Chris is also running the vpa and is paid somewhere in the $50,000 a year range. We asked him for the figure at the january meeting and he refused to give it to us. So maybe someone here should ask him again. I'm sure everyone here would like to see the real financial records of the vpa to determine just how it is benefiting the club. As yet they refuse to show them to us. No the one sheet summary of two year old figures shown at the presidents meeting does not count. Let's also not forget the $50,000 chris demanded to be paid to run the voi last year. He and mary got their money and the club lost money on the voi. I don't suppose they would like to kick back a little to the club now would they? As chris will tell you, both he and mary were unemployed when they went on the club payroll so it is absolutely in their best interests to keep the gravy train rolling. Now you know exactly why chrysler mentioned them in their letter. They have a monopoly on the club business which doesn't look good to anyone especially chrysler.

To be fair i would point out that many of us, myself included, think mary does a good job managing the club but the lack of transparency in the financial's of viper magazine and the vpa as well as their apparent monopoly on all aspects of the business side of the club has to change.

It's obvious from chrysler's letter that the roadblocks to reestablishing a healthy relationship with srt are having chris and mary marshall managing the business, as well as the trust that has been lost with the national office. Its time to replace them with people who are trusted by both vca as well as srt.

If you are happy with the way things are and are content to be dictated and lied to all the while being alienated from the manufacturer of our whole reason to be, the viper, then do nothing. If not, then take action at your meeting tonight and take back your club and demonstrate to chrysler that there are good people here and that we will no longer tolerate the status quo. People, this is a car club make it fun again!
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