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Originally Posted by Username View Post
Battery disconnect is a no brainer... while it's off, open hood, look on side of both throttle bodies where the cables attach, there is a button-like device, press it in and pull the cables back .. Once you have done that, slowly and firmly press the accelerator pedal all the way down and you will hear the cables ratchet back down. Next, reconnect battery, turn ignition on and press accelerator pedal slowly down to floor 3 times, turn ignition off and then back on, start engine. IAC is bolted to forward, upper r/s of engine.. has a hose and a harness and 2 or 3 bolts. Take it off and spray inside with a little WD40 and reinstall. You can leave harness plugged in to check operation as you clean it but it might take a few cycles to reset after.
Thanks. I think I can handle that. I cleaned the IAC. It wasn't that dirty but I cleaned it anyway. It didn't make any difference. Seeing it is in the fuel system I used carb cleaner. Should I have used something with some lubricating properties?
Thanks again.
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