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Re: T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads
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Jason Heffner
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Re: T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads

I have a head & cam package that we use with my supercharger systems. This package combined with the supercharger system generates well over 800 rwhp at 9 psi!

Some of the head porting methods that work for naturally aspirated combinations do not work as well for a supercharged application.

Our package includes: fully ported & polished intake and exhaust runners, larger 2.02 intake and 1.60 stainless steel exhaust valves, severe duty valve springs, titanium retainers, three angle valve job, polished combustion chambers, teflon valve seals, chromoly pushrods and T&D rockers. Cost for this package is 4500.00. We also have several camshafts to choose from which we can suggest based on what you want out of teh car. Give me a call when you get some time, given the large amount of other upgrades we are doing to your car I would be more than willing to give you some special price consideration on the install. Thanks.
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