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Ya, ir's just like that....only unlike that guy, with mine, the one you see is actually the one you're getting, not some generic pic.

I just figured out how to put "BEST OFFER" in the price box (you put a 0 ). I just put a random number in the price box because had to put something in the box until I figured it out, right?

I creep her more than I post. Im more active on SRT forums and VCOA. I find it's kinda dead-ish here, I won't lie. I noticed that for some time....and I've seen way too many "gtfo n00b" posts by members to newbies to really get into it the swing of things (V.Alley always seemed to me like a grittier version of VCOA), although y'all have been nice to me.

I will try to get more involved though. thanks for the posts
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