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Its basically just themed off the Viper.I always Loved the Yellow Vipers.My friend sold his Vette a while back and bought a yellow Viper.Ever since then i have loved them.I actually built many custom Cars also in the past and am an ASE Certified Mechanic. One day a friend of mine told me about a thing called overclocking and benchmarking and that PC's could be liquid cooled,This was 12 years ago.All he said was Benchmarking is basically the same thing as drag racing and Overclocking was like running NoS through your Engine.Thats all it took and i didn't know even how to turn a Pc on really at the time.After i heard that i was off and running and it became a huge obsession.

But yeah i am basically a Gear Head that found a new hobby is all and i thought a long time about what i wanted to base the Theme of my new build on and once i figured out a color there was no question about it.It was going to be a Viper PC Theme.

Also i painted the PC with HVLP guns with an Automotive base coat / clear coat finish, Wet sanded buffed and polished it.

I know its not a Viper but just a a little way to show my appreciation of the Viper.I seen this section of the forum and had to post it here for you guys to see.

Anyway hope some of you guys like it. It is different i know that but its one of a kind. I do know i have seen a BMW themed PC so its good to know there is a Viper PC out there competing with them. And it did Win Mod of the Month and got Featured on some other big site's. I don't see a Vette one out there (Just bit of Humor)

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