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Originally Posted by BAD68GTO View Post
Bro, are you going to make me those shirts with his car on it or not? I am actually seeing my family in Morocco next month and they also love Vipers and his is the nicest Viper on here. The paint hands down is terrific, and I saw this car last month and it is CLEAN. How much for the 7 shirts and can they be done by next month? Guys, anyone else up for these shirts? Let's sell a bunch for him. TY
Your sarcasm is coming through loud and clear. I really like vipers. A lot. They're actually what made me want to become a car designer.

I would never make a shirt out of that car. That car is an abomonation.

If you like I can tell you everything that's wrong with whats been done to that car. Just let me know.
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