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offer/favor for t-shirt
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offer/favor for t-shirt

Hello everyone, I am new around these parts and was wondering if someone would be interested in a T-Shirt in return for providing a picture from which the T-shirt is to be designed.

Basically, i have a small online T-shirt shop geared towards car guys. I have been wanting to do a Viper shirt for a while now but can't find a picture of one that will fit the design i have in mind. I have concluded that the only way to get the shot/point of view that i want is to have someone with a viper and a camera (and a ladder?) take the picture for me.

In return for taking the picture of your car, i would be more than happy to send you one of the t-shirts made from that picture (or a different one if you dont want a tshirt made out of your car..) in whatever size and color you want.

I figured this was the best place to post such a request/offer but if this could/should be somewhere else, let me know.


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