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2001GTS 1050 June 24, 2020
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$38,000.00 Good
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Description: FS: 2001 GTS Sahppire Blue with many extra parts

Well guys since this is the alley I'll phase this ad accordingly the day has come, I never thought it would... MY PENIS IS JUST NOW TOO LARGE and my wife and I think its time. I really didn't believe the old analogy but it really is true about the relationship of buying a fast car can make it bigger.

Anyways I'm not really interested in selling but I will to the right person that sees this as a deal. The car itself has about 110K miles on it and I keep driving it. I've owned it for the past about 8 years now and it was in the 60's when I bought it, I'm the second owner.
Last owner sold was a physician out of Austin, I talked with the dealerships owner where I bought it. I can tell the story back ground more but in short. When the windshield wipers quit and it didn't pass inspection dealer wanted $1200 to fix the wipers (now fixed)... and the guy said F-it and realized he was driving a cool but older car. So he swapped it for a G63.
Car is a saphire blue without a stripe very rare color only made in 2001, only 216 world wide. Many of this color had the cognac interior which I do not like, or the strips. I believe there were less than 40 made with solid color and black interior.
The car has remained unmolested from NOS, Turbos, or superchargers and in stock trim. Didn't have the time to install any of the "really cool dolphin wings, or pink door trim...", on some of the "tastefully modified" vipers you see in this price range.
I use to drive this car at least 10 to 15K per year, last year was only 3K. This year... with COVID... I generally take this on my longer trips from Houston to Dallas, Corpus, Baton Rouge, or Tuscon when traveling for work. As well as of course trips outside of stop and go traffic in Houston. Stop and go an hour in traffic at 100F is what the mercedes is for.
Reason I'm selling is I don't have time for what I had planned for the car and times have changed. I recently purchased a large section of land on a popular lake in TN and wish to develop it. The road to the property is not conducive to viper travel, and these winding roads are just too tempting with deep ditches an no forgiveness. Hence the change in focus, the ability to use funds, and reduced risk of rolling this thing into a little ball with me inside.
Yes car is high mileage but well maintained, I've always worked on my own car and those of others. If you review my past posts you can see my attention to mechanical detail. Do I drive the car hard, absoutely... do I do stupid stuff like burnouts in the parking lot to blow smoke, NO. Rev the crap out of the car with no load, heck NO thats for people that don't understand an engine.
Do I race at the drapstrip, yup couple times. On the street perhaps. How fast is the car? I've had it to 197 mph while on my mexico trip... It was pretty much done around 190 but it had a little more to go at 197, waiting for 200 didn't seem all that interesting anymore. Car accelerates pretty hard up to 180, nozes over in 6th but still keeps acceleratign with the 3.73's
I'm writing this out to stop the endless e-mail and tire kickers who dream, I'm also not interested in others selling the car for me. If you want more information on the car call me, txt me your phone number and a time to call. I love talking viper and we can talk our ears off. I probably won't take additional pictures of the bad spots or the presence or absence of the green dohicky. I may take the car to cars and coffee in Houston, if someone wants to see it. I will also take it to Tom Ball Dodge for a PPI at your expense if your intersted. If there is additional information collected at request I'll add it to this thread.
What is not negotiable is the price: I want minimum of $40K, yes I'm adveristing for more but if you don't want some of the parts I'll come down to $40K minimum. If you don't have that type of money for this car don't call. I'm just not interested in letting it go for less I'd rather keep it. Buy it keep the parts or resell them to recover your captial.
What you really get is a cool rare relatively unmolested car, with a bunch of spares, and a great start on a project for a head conversion.
My idea was to always do a GEN4 or GEN5 head coversion, with rods and higher compression pistons, even before I purchased the car... Sticking point is I wanted to do it myself and still do.
Notable negatives
Paint is not great but thats true for most vipers, has a scratch on the passenger side exhaust panel. You can only see it from under the car or if your laying on the ground beside the car looking for it. This was from driving over a ladder on the freeway, yep I did it. Small dent on the underside but hey its a ladder there was minimal to no damage.
Other negative is the drivers seat has a tear in the leather. No I won't post a picture with the tear it just needs to be fixed for this caliber of a car.
With this being said many many times has this car been videoed, or people stop to look, complement the car. Usually, its god the car is so dirty I havn't washed it in a while. But headlights are clear and from 10 feet its a great looking car.
The positives are the extra pieces and maintenance;
Could be a positive or a negative, I'm 6'0" and didn't fit well in this car prior to modifing the seat rails, I lowered the back by 1" and the front buy about 1/2" through a seat frame rail modification I posted here. The seat still moves back and forth and has a better seat angle, I also have the orginal seat rails if you don't like it or shorter in the torso etc.

Could be a positive or a negative, the windows are not tinted. I have seen some pretty nasty tint jobs on rear windows of vipers, so I decided not too tint after talking with a few tinters. So that also mean the rear defroster is also still intact, everything works on this car including A/C.

I have extra filters and oil including the differential friction modifier that is hard to get now. Always Moblie1 0w-40 or 5w-30, I suggest the 0-40. Factory dodge filters with the viper logo always and I still have about 5 of them left. Change oil every 3K miles when it sits or 5K when I'm driving.

I have the records of all work performed, dates and activity.

Has M&M headers but I also would include; I have the M&M primaries for a GEN3 which can be added to the GEN2 for a GEN3 head conversion. As well as a stock set of Gen4 headers they look brand but have carbon in the primaries so they were used.

Car also has 3" corsa exhaust cat back, I also have the factory cat. The Corsa is the best sounding exhaust IMHO.

I have a complete set of heads from a Gen3 with rockers and springs

Has a GForce 3.73 rear end currently installed with the Yeller Box to correct the speedometer.

I have the stock 3.07 pumpkin as well, both have about 60K miles on them. Stock is still perfect but the 3.73 are the right gear for this car. I did the swap myself and changed all the universal bearings and used the ARP bolts.

The car has a really high end Stereo from some exotic german manufacture BRAX works well and is extremely loud, has alpine head unit and can read MP3s from a USB stick or SSD harddrive. Part of the reason I purchased it this car, was because of the stereo and wheels. Combined to install the wheels and stereo was certainly over $15K in parts.

I did add a new kicker sub with amp within the last 3 years, which can be turned on or off from the headunit.

Wheels are 19's HRE646 3 piece 6-spoke, rears are 19x14 fronts are 19x11 (I believe) custom rim shop said the rims were something like $7K new. Rubber is excellent but a couple years old 295 in the front 355 in the rear, the rears tires almost look to narrow for the 14" rims and definetly hold the tire flat. I replaced the 275's on the front with 295's I like the look better. Makes the tire blocky (i.e. side wall more vertical not the ricer look where the rim sticks out) could go 305's. They fit perfect no rubbing for the last couple years.

Brand new old stock factory upper rear upper control arms, I think this is the part that fails and makes vipers wreck unexpectantly. I replaced them just recently when the car didn't feel right. The stockers were loose on the treads and you could move the rear time left and right like 4 wheel steering on the alignment machine... Replaced and fix this was over 1K in two parts and was performed just recently mileage wise. I still have the stockers which could be maybe fixed. I also have additional bushings and tierod ends.

Has poly motor mounts from woodhouse, with the heat shield for the mount.

Bunch of parts to do a gen5 head conversion:

Also replaced the radiator fan (stock fan setup is perfect) I installed additional pusher fans which do not help much.

Aftermarket 200 amp alternator, i will include the stock alternator with failed module.

Water pump was changed, along with the frame recall.

Has smooth tubes and K&N with the airbox mod. PCV rerouted to keep the oil out of the intake.

The smooth tube in the picture are a joke, but hey this is fun right. Those was never run and just used for pictures, the smooth tubes are red silicon like an acr.

I also replaced the clutch with a stock LUK and ARP 170K bolts, I also ensured there was thread seal on the harmonic balancer. Has aftermarket harmonic balancer as you can see, this is a potential problem on Vipers if not done correctly.

Gen 4 and Gen5 intake, ARP head studs, slow bleed lifters, pushrods, some gaskets, Gen5 fuel rails, valve covers, lower temperature thermostat, spark plugs, fuel rail gaskets, throttle bodies from Gen5.

If you are seriously interested we can talk more, then if you pay for it in advance to Tomball Dodge. I'll take it for a PPI at Tomball dodge which is one of the best dodge dealerships in the nation and where I had my PPI done.

Again I just have not invested the time in trying to sell so I'm only posting on the Alley, and more than likely these are the people who may purchase this car.

And of course clean clear blue title I'm the second owner no accident, one failed state inspection due to broken wiper motor. Since fixed and i have a spare.
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Price drop need to purchase backhoe.
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