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Peter K.
Today 09:50 AM
Wheel paint
Does anyone know the paint code for the 92 wheels? From my understanding the 92/93 wheel color is different than the 94/95. If you have both, that would be great as I would like to compare. (38 views, 0 replies)
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Today 09:47 AM
New Viper Classified: 3.45 rear end, Gen 1 & Gen 2. Great upgrade.
Stock, with new clutch pack and gear change. (217 views, 4 replies)
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Today 08:49 AM
Finally have my Viper
Hey they were rapid, tired smoking trips to the Gym bro. This thing runs like a top. Easily the most fun car I've had in years. Still love my Corvette though... (2,295 views, 25 replies)
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Final GTS
Today 08:14 AM
Supercharging questions
Unfortunately its bad timing right now, but I actually have a brand new Polished Gen-3 Tuner Kit on the shelf back in Buffalo, along with the rails/sensor/injectors/connectors/flash to accompany as a... (249 views, 17 replies)
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Today 06:34 AM
My Gen 3 build thread
final numbers?? (18,083 views, 161 replies)
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Today 06:33 AM
96 rt/10 159,000 miles and still going strong
When I sold my GTS in August, it had 92000 on the clock. Hit the rev limiter more than once, but took good care of it. (430 views, 16 replies)
New Post
Today 12:13 AM
short shifter question
Any knob will do the job with a shortened shaft installed. You might could make the shortened shaft yourself if you have the correct die; or you can buy a shorter shaft from IPSCO. Viper Shifter... (301 views, 8 replies)
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Today 12:07 AM
Anyone interested in a time capsule?
I take it you are a Democrat. (266 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 10:43 PM
Picked up a spare builder engine
Still $1100 isn't bad for a V10 coffee table. I've always wanted to build an engine coffee table powered by electric motor to spin the crank at around 10rpm. (409 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 10:35 PM
Looking for some wheels
Real men get rimz http://i50.tinypic.com/rh4idy.jpg (304 views, 16 replies)
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V 10 Beef
Yesterday 08:13 PM
How do I measure idle vacuum?
I think summit racing has handheld vac gauges. Check that out (309 views, 23 replies)
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Disturbed 01
Yesterday 07:44 PM
who sells turbo manifolds so i can sell one of you my roe kit?
Paolo, I hope you sell all of them. I'm a bit surprised someone like D3 or another tuner hasn't picked up a few sets to build turbo kits off of. (1,371 views, 44 replies)
New Post
Yesterday 06:55 PM
This thing runs on Unicorn Juice
Muscle car guys say 'REEEEEEEEEEEPOST' http://www.viperalley.com/forum/anything-goes/226458-shit-muscle-car-guys.html (112 views, 2 replies)
New Post
Yesterday 04:05 PM
Thank you both so much. Sorry for my ignorance but what is a "cluster" set up (what parts do they include?) THANK YOU (279 views, 6 replies)
New Thread
Yesterday 01:09 PM
SEMA can anyone get me tickets
Anyone be able to get me tickets Please PM me Thanks (68 views, 0 replies)

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