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Disturbed 01
Today 02:32 PM
anyone need aem infinity or wiring harness?
What about Gen4-5 guys? If it you can do for them it might open up a few more sells. (492 views, 15 replies)
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Today 02:25 PM
Video from my First Time to the Drag Strip - 10.31 @ 137.58mph
Several have. 1Tony1 had run a best of 9.44 on the blower only, 9.28 when shooting nitrous. I wish I lived nearby. Wanna bring it to Montgomery? :D (253 views, 21 replies)
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Today 01:40 PM
How is your Viper covered?
Here is how my viper is covered: http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww168/markjeffries_uk/184201_south_park_i_ just_came_1.jpg Haha I had to (266 views, 19 replies)
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Today 01:33 PM
Black 99 Viper GTS in Pennsylvania
What was the price? Could have been a scam (252 views, 6 replies)
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Today 01:33 PM
New Viper Classified: Gen 2 airbox w/ K&N air filters
The seller's last post here was 2 years ago. So even if he does still have it, good luck expecting a reply. You might try the email link at his profile page. (298 views, 2 replies)
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Viper Explorer
Today 01:12 PM
Black TA or white non TA
btw your Vette kinda resembles Jeff Lemkes Falcon with that kit http://www.bigrigowner.com/files/2014/03/Falcon-F7b.jpg (469 views, 31 replies)
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White Out
Today 01:07 PM
Picked up a ROE Viper this weekend
Not sure if it's plug and play, but I have a VEC3 lying around. (1,167 views, 61 replies)
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Today 12:54 PM
Custom W/M Tank
Damn! That looks fantastic. So much better than my 1.5 gallon AEM and million times better than my old roe tank. (213 views, 14 replies)
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Will at RSI
Today 12:46 PM
Gen IV/V Billet mains?
Anytime Ed! (126 views, 7 replies)
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Today 11:56 AM
Twin turbo guys ?
Thanks, I've read that before about the differentials, I'm also going to change all the vac lines going to the turbos and wastegates over to an #4 lines. I am also about to purchase some coilovers, I... (657 views, 22 replies)
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Today 11:00 AM
Want to buy wrecked or slavage title gts
That was a cheap project. I guess it depends on how bad it was hit. My GTS was hit in the front, not even bad, and it cost $10k to repair. Want to buy a GTS already fixed? (100 views, 1 replies)
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Today 10:54 AM
BC Racing Coilover for Gen 2
For your purposes no rake may work, but the Viper does not handle well without some rake, at least 3/4" so the roll couple is balanced front to rear. FWIW (3,700 views, 93 replies)
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Today 10:31 AM
BC Racing coilovers
I posted this on the other BC coilover thread, but for those who have already installed them, what was a comfortable setting setup? Rebound from 0-30 (for street application) and how much did you... (10,230 views, 160 replies)
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Viper Explorer
Today 09:54 AM
New 911 Turbo.
Congrats. Shame though you can't get a manual anymore, not even in the GT3 :doah: (351 views, 19 replies)
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Today 09:47 AM
That kit is very tempting, but my angle finders work pretty well in the rear. (verified on the front knuckles against what the machine read) With the poly bushings, there was very little effort... (213 views, 9 replies)
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Today 09:06 AM
GEN II Brake Pedal after car sat for 2 months
"JB Weld" and "my car's brakes" should never be used together in a sentence. (600 views, 21 replies)
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Today 08:59 AM
Gen II Promod Body for sale
that would be bitching on a long travel buggy! (245 views, 8 replies)
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Today 08:43 AM
sct software
Stock motor twin 76/75 turbos. Was kinda concerned about how reliable it is as far as any glitchs or issues that it may have. (91 views, 3 replies)
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Nine Ball
Today 08:41 AM
front tires feather edging
Feathering is usually toe related. Get it aligned, they will wear properly. (124 views, 4 replies)
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Today 07:41 AM
Need viper inspection in denver asap
Stunning! Congrats! (692 views, 23 replies)

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